Hidden Asset Investigation: Recovering What’s Yours

House and piggy bank representing hidden assets

The suspicion lingered: a spouse hiding assets during a divorce settlement, a business partner concealing income, or an inheritance dispute clouded by missing financial information. In such situations, uncovering hidden assets becomes crucial to achieving a fair and just outcome. Hanuman Investigation, a leading private investigation agency in Thailand, offers comprehensive Hidden Asset Investigations to bring clarity and empower you to reclaim what’s rightfully yours.

The Challenge

Our client suspected her ex-husband of concealing assets during their divorce proceedings. Despite financial disclosures, she believed he was diverting funds and hiding valuables to minimize his financial obligations. Determined to ensure a fair settlement, she contacted Hanuman Investigation to conduct a discreet Hidden Asset Investigation.

Following the Money Trail

Our experienced investigators employed a multi-layered approach to uncover the truth:

  • In-depth Financial Analysis: We meticulously examined our client ex-husband’s financial statements, tax returns, and bank records, searching for inconsistencies or unexplained transactions.
  • Asset Identification: We investigated potential asset holdings, including real estate, vehicles, investments, and luxury goods, both domestically and internationally.
  • Subject Surveillance: (Optional, depending on the case) With discretion and court authorization, our investigators conducted surveillance to monitor the subject’s activities and identify potential leads on hidden assets.
  • Public Record Searches: We scoured public registries for property ownership records, business filings, and other financial disclosures to identify any hidden assets.
A Clear Picture Emerges

Through meticulous investigation, Hanuman Investigation unearthed a web of hidden assets. Our findings revealed:

  • Undisclosed bank accounts containing significant funds.
  • Hidden real estate holdings (land, properties) located in various undisclosed locations.
  • Luxury vehicles registered in third-party names.
  • Unexplained transfers of funds to unknown recipients.
Empowering Action with Evidence

The comprehensive report compiled by Hanuman Investigation provided irrefutable evidence of hidden assets. Armed with this information, our client’s legal team was able to present a strong case in court, ensuring a fair and just settlement that reflected her rightful entitlements.

We offer comprehensive asset investigations in Thailand, employing meticulous research and dedicated investigators to help you uncover the truth and achieve financial clarity.

Unearthing Financial Transparency

When suspicion surrounds finances, a Hidden Asset Investigation from Hanuman Investigation can be the key to achieving clarity. We offer discreet and comprehensive investigations, employing advanced techniques and meticulous research to uncover hidden assets. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure you receive the evidence you need to move forward with confidence.

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